Le Martelet
71960 Vergisson
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Growing the grape vines  

. The vineyard: Planting 100% chardonnay.
. The climates:
- Appellation Pouilly-Fuissé: Clos de France, Clos du Martelet (monopoly)
- Appellation Saint-Véran: Les Mûres, Le Cras and les Chataîgniers
. on the vine: obtain quality wine grapes.

Firstly, only the best grapes possible are harvested. In addition, there is the advantage of having old vines (the oldest of which are more than 100 years old) on hillsides that receive a lot of sunlight.

To get the best grapes, Roger has chosen not to use synthetic fertilizers but, on the contrary, to promote the use of organic materials (manure or compost) thus creating and maintaining microbial life. Accordingly, the grapes are fed solely using elements from the soil. Tilling, all while aerating the soil, forces the roots to dig down, seeking their nourishment as deeply as possible, and aids in extracting the "soul of the terroir".

This occurs firstly by limiting yields; "one branch and one spur" is sufficient, then optimal ripening is allowed to occur, and finally there is manual harvesting to " respect what nature has given to us".